About Us

Open Heaven is a worship band based out of Faith Life Church near Columbus, OH. We have a passion for revival and heart to see people connect with God.

Pastor Amy Freudiger – Worship Pastor and Songwriter

As a worship pastor, singer/songwriter, and speaker, Amy has a passion to see people encounter the presence of the Living God. She started leading worship sixteen years ago after graduating with an Associates in Fine Arts and a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies. She is also the author of the book, “Healed Overnight,” detailing her encounter with the Miracle Maker, who healed her instantly of a 13-lb tumor. Since then, Amy has been on a mission to set others free from infirmity. Her compassion, bold faith, and sensitivity to God’s presence have resulted in many others being healed.

Matthew Wooten – Music Director and Songwriter

Matthew Wooten discovered music in his early teenage years. As he started this journey of music, he particularly found a great interest in the guitar. Eventually he decided to pursue his love for music and got accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston where he Majored in Performance on his principle instrument, guitar. He is proficient on many other instruments, including drums, piano, bass, and more. He also records/produces music and leads worship. Matt is currently the Music Director at Faith Life Church in New Albany, Ohio.

Anna Marie Kamppi

Anna Marie Kamppi is a songwriter for Open Heaven Band. She started leading worship at age six when her children’s church pastor pulled her from her seat and handed her a microphone during worship. She and her husband Josiah reside in Dallas, TX and are the parents of three awesome kids.