An Inside Look at Open Heaven’s Latest Album, Revival Rising

Divine Inspiration

Any artist knows inspiration can come anywhere and at any time. For Amy Freudiger, lead singer of the band Open Heaven and executive producer of their latest album, Revival Rising it arrived in summer of 2018.

“I attended a youth camp with our church to pray and minister to the young people there. I saw such a raw hunger in them all, and I thought to myself, “Now here’s a group of kids who can change the world,” she says. “As they all cried out for revival that night, I saw what the Holy Spirit’s desire is for each of us. He wants ALL of our hearts because He wants to give ALL of Himself to us. I knew our album needed to center around that theme.”

The Supernatural Journey

For Freudiger, Open Heaven grows stronger each year for two reasons: supernatural inspiration from God’s Holy Spirit and the long-lasting bonds between the band members.

“Since we are based out of our worship ministry at Faith Life Church, some of us have been playing together for 15 years or more. My brothers are involved in writing, singing, and playing instruments, so obviously, we go back further than that,” says Freudiger.

Like any spiritual gift, she admits that music is a great blessing, but it can also be hard to walk out.

“Music is the way I talk to God, and it’s also when I feel most like myself. [Yet], leading worship and recording music is scary still at times, because you make yourself so vulnerable and open.”

Years of growing together in faith and in friendship has enabled the band members to create powerful albums such as
Miracle Maker and Lion of Judah, filled with upbeat sounds and Spirit-filled lyrics.

Creating the Finished Product

Musicians are often reluctant to pick a favorite song from a new album. Every song has its own unique story, sound, personality, and message. Picking one can feel like being asked to choose your favorite child.

For Freudiger, who admits that each song has a deeply personal meaning, there was one track that stood out.

“There are many that have deep personal meaning. But I think the most personally touching song for me is called “For Your Glory,” she says. “It was written based on a message I taught in our church about being all in—becoming totally obsessed and given over to God’s desires for our lives. This song is my personal prayer to God.”,

Go HERE to listen to a sneak peek of the track, “For Your Glory.”

The Message

When asked if she could give one message to Open Heaven fans, Freudiger replied, “Our Father God has already given us an open heaven, with access to His presence, His power, and His provision. He now invites us to enjoy Him and know Him, being fully delighted by His lavish love.”

Open Heaven band creates powerful worship music founded on the belief that heaven IS open to us, the Holy Spirit is with us now, and the Kingdom of heaven is INSIDE OF US. And since the Spirit of Jesus is INSIDE of us, we should forever be worshipping, giving thanks, and praising Him.

Their latest album, Revival Rising, is a heartfelt response to the tragic events in our world, such as terror attacks, natural disasters, unrest, rumors of war, and suicide. The members of Open Heaven have, once again, sounded an anointed, impassioned call to seek answers in Jesus Christ, to draw close to Him, so we can shower His love and goodness on those around us who are fighting darkness.

“It is time NOW for every single person able to wield the sword of the Spirit to do so,” says Freudiger. “It is time NOW for every single intercessor to pray. It is time NOW for every prophet to speak up. It is time NOW for all of us to usher in a second Great Awakening. But it starts in our hearts, in our prayer closets, on our knees.”

Go here to connect with the band and learn more about Open Heaven and their latest album, Revival Rising.

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